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Membership in the Association for Academic Minority Physicians (AAMP) is open to individuals who have an earned a terminal academic degree, have a university faculty appointment, and have demonstrated a substantial record of accomplishment in research and/or in the academic arena.  A current member in good standing may propose a candidate for membership. 


The proposer's letter should be sufficiently detailed to delineate the applicant’s scientific/academic achievements as well as indicate his/her importance and impact in the field. Specific achievements and/or publications should be cited in detail when appropriate. In addition to the letter of proposal the package should include a copy of the candidate’s current curriculum vitae. ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION IS PREFERRED - please fill out the form to the right.  However,  the entire package may be mailed to the administrative office. Proposals must be received by August 1 in order for the applicant to be considered at the annual meeting in October. On September 1, the Secretary-Treasurer will inform the proposer of the Council’s decision as whether or not to nominate the applicant. The names of individuals being considered will be circulated to the membership prior at the annual meeting. Individuals not nominated by the Council may be re-proposed by the same proposer the following year. The re-proposal package will require a updated letter and c.v.  An applicant not nominated following re-proposal may be considered as a new applicant on one additional cycle. Applicants nominated by the Council will be considered for election by the membership at the Annual Meeting.


Qualified individuals desiring membership but who are not acquainted with an AAMP member to request sponsorship may send the appropriate application material directly to the  AAMP administrative office.


Members proposing candidates for membership in the Association for Academic Minority Physicians (AAMP)
should send letters of proposal directly to AAMP:


Office of Administration
P.O. Box 271
Stevenson, Maryland 21153-0271


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